Visit at – high current vid

Last week I visited shackspace, a hacker space in Stuttgart, Germany. I saw some pretty nifty stuff there. Guys have around 400 square meters of space, they set up a well-stuffed electronics lab, media lab, very cool server room (with one IBM Blade Center, 8TB of disk space and some servers interconnected by 16Gbps InfiniBand [!]), and all that accomplished in just two years. I was swept off my feet. They also have got most of the electrically operated systems hacked. They can track their power usage, flip light switches over an Android app and unlock their doors by logging in (over WiFI) to the server above the doorway.

At the end of the tour, hadez, my host showed me a interesting experiment I’m presenting below. It’s a nail attached to a sizeable transformer which used to power a microwave oven. I did try some welding myself after the video stops, and it’s great fun. Kids, don’t do it at home by yourselves – safety first!