Data logging multimeter

I burned my old multimeter tool. The battery ran out, I was trying to power it up with a DC regulated power supply, and I obviously got it wrong. Even though I was pretty sure I checked the polarity of the plugs some time ago, as they had blue and red thermo-shrink tubing on it, it seems that I didn’t necessarily check the 9V plug.

Searching the net for a new one I found some units featuring opto-isolated RS232 connectivity. Looking for those I came across this site:

Looks like the guy’s a sysadmin like me, and he published a program in C forĀ  Uni-T UT60E multimiter. The code is setting the proper serial port mode and capturing the measurements and logging them to the stdout under linux. That was the final argument I needed to buy the meter. As soon as it arrived, I plugged it’s serial cable into a serial-to-usb converter, fired up ./parse-ut60e -f /dev/ttyUSB0, and much to my rejoice the voltage samples were pushing their way down the console. That’s the beauty of the open source and the Internet right there. Thanks Mr.!

This is how the setup looks like:

uni-t ut60e multimeter

And here’s the detail of the opto-coupling between the serial cable and the main body of the multimeter:

rs232 attachment of the ut60e