DVI to VGA adapter, or how I got outsmarted

My dell 1905FP monitor has two inputs: a VGA and a DVI one. At every given time I have at least two PCs around my desk, but not many have a DVI interface. So I thought I could make use of a VGA-to-DVI adapter, plug two VGA devices to my monitor, and switch channels using a button as one would usually do with a DVI and VGA sources. So I got myself an adapter, and to my great dismay observed the following:

This is the DVI side of a DVI to VGA adapter:

DVI side of a DVI to VGA adapter

And this is the DVI port on the monitor:

DVI port on my LCD display

They obviously do not fit.

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A little bit of research shows that pins missing on the display side are used for analog signaling. This is not very surprising, looks like there is one digital and one analog interface inside, and that’s just it. A quick look on the Wikipedia article on DVI reveals that this sort of interface is called DVI-D, as in Digtal. I could have also figured out that a DVI to VGA might not be bi-directional, from the start – it would work perfectly well to attach a DVI GPU output to a VGA monitor, but not the other way around.

So no luck here, I better get my console monitor project done (for more on that subject see DDC2 interface – crafting your own EDID).

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